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Thursday, May 6th, 2021
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Lord Pour Out Your Love, Life, and Liberty

2020 FAQ's


What is happening with the National Day of Prayer? Has it been cancelled? Has it been delayed? Considering recent events what is the National Office’s official position?

Despite the recent developments with the virus, the National Day of Prayer has not been canceled or postponed.  We’re asking people to honor the local authorities regarding the # of people allowed to gather and social spacing.  Not only are we trying to keep ourselves safe, we need to be concerned with those we come in contact with.  If you have a physical event planned, get/verify permission.

What are some of the options to hosting an event? My church would like to do an event, but we can’t gather, so what can we do?

There are multiple options available to host an NDP Event:

National Observance Live Broadcast May 7th, 8-10 pm ET

  • God TV
  • Daystar
  • Facebook Live
  • Moody Radio
  • Bott Radio
  • Check website for updates and details
  • Prayer Walks w/ 3-4 people using Prayer Guides stopping outside places that represent the 7 mountains
  • Prayer Drives – same as above 
  • Drive In’s – getting your own FM frequencies and listening on car radios, or PA systems 
  • Free Conference Calls
  • Facebook Live

Our group/community really needs/wants to meet together in-person but restrictions prevent that. What do you think about us delaying our event?

Because of this year’s circumstances, you can delay/reschedule your event to a time that works for you.  What we at the Task Force ask is that you do something on the Day to Pray for America.  Watching the National Observance Live Broadcast is a good, effective way to organize.

My local government officials have closed public gatherings or issued minimal limits and I am not sure these will be lifted in time. I had planned an event and bought promotional materials. What do we do? 

Only God knows for sure what will happen and if the virus situation will be cleared by the Day.  He could take it away in a moment.  What the flesh sees is that the probability of being able to hold a large event is small.  Even if the restrictions are lifted, what is the public perception that everything is ok?  Your greatest probability is to hold something like a Prayer Walk or even greater to hold a virtual event like a conference call or a Facebook Live event and/or direct your people to the Live Broadcast of the National Observance.

If I do a virtual event, Can I still need to post it on your website?

Yes, you can post it at:

There is a box to designate it as a virtual event.  Also, include the verbiage “Virtual”, and include your city name and state abbreviation.

Is there a Presidential proclamation?

The Presidential proclamation is normally received the week of NDP and it will be posted on our website as soon as we get it.

When will the streaming link be available?

You can access the National Observance Broadcast when you come to the website, before the start time of 8 pm ET.

Do you have any radio spots for this year?

They are available under Promotional Tools which can be accessed at:

Is there a Promotional video?

Yes, (now)It can be found on the banner under “Spotlight” on the Home page and on the Promotional Tools page which can be accessed from the National Day of Prayer Promotional Tools at

Is there a Media Kit this year?

The media/promotional tools kit is available at

Will the Broadcast of the National Observance be from Washington, D.C.

Normally, there are more than 60,000 events across the country. While some communities will be able to gather in small numbers, with the covid crisis at hand, the majority of our nation will be limited to praying from their own homes. These unprecedented days have not only brought unprecedented challenges, but through new digital platforms, have opened up an unparalleled opportunity for the largest virtual prayer gathering in history! While one of two of our guests will broadcast from Washington D.C., others will be in Portland, Minneapolis, Nashville, and other cities across the country. Wherever people are, we are inviting them to join us from 8 to 10 pm ET on Thursday, May 7th, as leaders from across the nation gather ‘virtually’ to worship and pray individually – TOGETHER.

Who are some of the leaders leading prayer?: NDP President, Kathy Branzell and Will Graham will be hosting. Others include Nick Hall, Michael W. Smith and his wife Debbie, Andrew Palau, Robert Morris, Harry Jackson, Jim Cymbala, Billy Wilson, Pat Robertson, Greg Stier, Gabby Odom, Blair Linne, along with other leaders from around the nation.

Where can I watch or listen to the event? The broadcast will be held from 8 to 10 pm ET, and will be broadcast or featured on GodTV, Daystar, CBN, TLN, Enlace, via livestream on the NDP website (, on Facebook (Facebook LIVE) which will be cross-posted out to millions by our partner ministries, and on radio through Moody Broadcasting, Bott Radio Network, with others to follow.