Thursday, May 2nd, 2019
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February 2018 : Three Prayer Priorities for America

As we enter the month of February of 2018, I am asking you and your ministry to join us in praying for these three prayer priorities for our nation. How awesome it would be if we could mobilize thousands of ministries and churches to unite together in prayer for the United States of America. Please share these with friends, pastors, churches, denominations, networks, ministries, and Christian media. The more people we have praying together about the same things in our nation, the more we will see God move us forward together. We will be praying for unity in America for... Read more >>

The Spiritual State of the Union 2018

On Tuesday, Jan. 30, President Donald Trump will take the podium before a joint session of Congress and deliver his second State of the Union address. He’ll do so in accordance to Article Two, Section 3, of the U.S. Constitution, which says the president “shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union.” “Union” is a strange word in present-day America — for our country seems anything but united. In fact, I cannot remember a time when our divisions have been more pronounced to the naked eye. The battle lines have been drawn... Read more >>

National Day of Prayer Digital Equipping Releases Today: Informing, Instructing, and Inspiring You

DIGITAL EQUIPPING releases today on the website. NDP EQUIPPING releases a total of twenty-nine videos that will inform you, instruct you, and inspire you.   With thousands of volunteers located across the country, this NDP EQUIPPING is long overdue. The all-stars in this ministry are the thousands of volunteers who network with us to mobilize unified public prayer for America on the National Day of Prayer. Now we can better prepare our volunteers who give their time and passion to this great cause for America and the Lord. It is perfect timing for this ministry offering, as we are... Read more >>

7 Specific Updates on the National Day of Prayer Ministry

We are less than four months away from Thursday, May 3, 2018, our National Day of Prayer. On this 30th anniversary since President Ronald Reagan signed this day into law in 1988, we need to respond in gratitude by mobilizing millions of people to join us in unified public prayer for America on Thursday, May 3. As we are preparing for this significant day, I want to give you some major updates: Thousands of prayer gatherings are being planned by people who are volunteering their time for this worthy effort on Thursday, May 3. Join one of these gatherings or... Read more >>

Taking the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 3, into Your Workplace

Just think what might happen if you brought a National Day of Prayer gathering into your workplace, welcoming anyone who might attend. The National Day of Prayer is recognized on the first Thursday of every May across our nation, and may provide a natural way to engage in prayer in your workplace. We encourage everyone to participate in a community gathering, but taking part in a gathering for prayer for America in your workplace may be a great bonus. Some will be unable to attend community gatherings due to work schedules or family responsibilities. Others may not feel comfortable in... Read more >>

Dr. Dobson and Dr. Floyd talk about the National Day of Prayer

It is the responsibility of Christians all over this country, to hit their knees daily and pray that God will direct this nation. On a recent Family Talk broadcast, Dr. Dobson spoke with the President of the National Day of Prayer, Dr. Ronnie Floyd. The two discussed the theme for this year’s National Day of Prayer and the importance of praying for America. Click here to listen: Read more >>

Pastors and Churches, PLAN NOW to be A Part of the National Day of Prayer on May 3, 2018

The churches in America are God’s footprints in our nation. God’s churches are blessed and anointed by Him, and the greatest network our nation has. As President of the National Day of Prayer and Senior Pastor of a local church, I am convinced that we cannot complete our mission of mobilizing unified public prayer for America without the support of the pastors and churches in America. Our priority must be to mobilize pastors and churches to pray for America. Appealing to Pastors and Churches I appeal to pastors and churches in America, will you join us in praying for America... Read more >>

We've Decided to be United: Keeping the MLK Dream Alive

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a dreamer. He saw what others could not see. He heard what others did not hear. He felt what others did not feel. Therefore, he did what others were not willing to do. Any form of racism defies the dignity of human life. That is why, in the midst of racial injustice and division in America, MLK dreamed about a day in our nation when “justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.” His quote of Amos 5:24 resounded the heart of the prophet. In the full context of King’s 1963 speech... Read more >>

January 2018: Three Prayer Priorities for America

As we enter this exciting year of 2018 together, only God knows what is before us. We do not know what the future holds for us personally or for America; but we do know who holds our future. UNIFYING in prayer for America is powerful. As we discern what is before us right now in our nation, as well as listen to the Lord and His voice to us through His Word, we lift up these three prayer priorities for America this January. Please share these with friends, pastors, churches, denominations, networks, ministries, and Christian media. The more people we... Read more >>

How to Start 2018 in the Right Way Spiritually

If you do not plan to succeed in your spiritual life in 2018, you will fail. I want to challenge you to start 2018 in the right way spiritually. If you start strong, you are setting yourself up to finish strong. There are many things you can plan to do to achieve this spiritual need and goal, but I want to suggest one that has really helped us at Cross Church. Focus Leads to Success At Cross Church, we have found that when we have a focused effort, it helps us go so much farther together. For the past several... Read more >>