Thursday, May 2nd, 2019
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The Security and Protection of the United States of America on September 11, 2018

On Tuesday, September 11, join me in mobilizing prayer for the SECURITY and PROTECTION of the United States of America. Wherever you are on September 11, use this day to pray specifically for the SECURITY and PROTECTION of our nation. Why is this important? The Day That Changed America America has not been the same since September 11, 2001, when terrorists attacked our nation, resulting in nearly 3,000 deaths, 400 of which were first responders. A generation has been born since this horrible day in our history and we must never forget how that day changed America in our generation.... Read more >>

3 Prayer Priorities for America for August 2018

3 Prayer Priorities for America, August 2018

Our Dear Fellow Americans Who Pray For America, Please join us in praying for America continually. The need has never been greater in our lifetime. All Christ-followers need to be crying out to God for America continually. While I have never seen more prayer for America taking place in my lifetime, I have never seen greater spiritual warfare taking place throughout America. May I remind you that battles are won in prayer! Therefore, pray! Call upon thousands of churches, pastors, and Christians to join us in praying in agreement for these three priorities for America. We place these topics before... Read more >>

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America Needs a Spiritual Breakthrough

America is broken and in deep need of a spiritual breakthrough. Division and hatefulness are abounding as none of us would ever imagine. Our greatest hope is a spiritual breakthrough in America. While America Divides Further, Billions Across the World Need Jesus Billions of people are in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As more than one-half of the global population is now living in the cities of the world, missional strategies that address reaching the cities must emerge. We are seeing the persecution of Christians across the globe escalate, and it feels close to home with American pastor... Read more >>

Praying for the Needs of Others

Last Saturday evening, Jeana and I returned from Israel, the Holy Land. When we take groups to Israel, we always offer to pray for others in the Garden of Gethsemane. So, on Tuesday morning, July 10, in rapid fire before the Lord, we called out the personal needs of a few hundred people who sent requests. When we finished this hour in the Garden of Gethsemane, I told Jeana I was absolutely exhausted. Even though it was not even mid-morning, the process of prayer exhausted me. Why? Prayer is hard work, especially when you carry the burdens of so many.... Read more >>

Come See Us October 29-30 in Northwest Arkansas: Register Now for the National Day of Prayer National Leadership Summit

Northwest Arkansas will be hosting the 2018 National Day of Prayer National Leadership Summit on Monday and Tuesday, October 29-30. The conference begins Monday morning and concludes Tuesday afternoon, allowing for travel on Sunday and Tuesday afternoon. You can register here today. Dynamic Worship, Bible Teaching and Preaching, and Visionary Testimony Our Cross Church Singers and Band will lead us in outstanding worship during the worship settings. As well, we will hear dynamic teaching and preaching by Dr. Kie Bowman of Austin, Texas and Pastor Bill Elliff of North Little Rock, Arkansas. Dr. Bowman and fellow Austin pastor, Trey Kent,... Read more >>

Life is Not Easy, But God Uses Everything

There have been times in my life that I have struggled with my own identity. I have felt the pressure that I must have a title or assignment to feel significant. There were times in my younger years where I struggled with not living in a metropolitan region of America. I felt reduced. I felt insignificant. I felt like others did not recognize the value of where I served. At times, this created a discontentment that was unhealthy. While the struggle was real, it became apparent that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks relating to these kinds of things.... Read more >>

Watch Over Your Life

Watch what is going on around you. Watch what is going on in you. Watch what all the gauges are telling you about your life. In the Scripture, we are instructed to watch over our life and all God gives to us.1 Our future way in life and even the preservation of our life can depend on our intentionality, discipline, and watchfulness. The Bible calls upon the watchman to watch over the city at night while others sleep.2 The Bible also calls upon spiritual watchmen to watch over the people of God in prayer continually.3 It also calls each person... Read more >>

3 Prayer Priorities for America, July 2018

Dear Prayer Partners for America, While our allegiance is first to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, where we are already citizens, our hearts are still broken over where our earthly nation is today. We are broken, torn, divided, and mean-spirited. Even with all of our faithful intercession for unity, the division in these last few weeks has been greater than ever. Yet, my hope is in the Lord and all of this indicates to me that Satan is fighting God’s people in a greater way now more than ever before. The spiritual warfare is great; therefore, we must fight this... Read more >>