Thursday, May 2nd, 2019
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4 Living Illustrations Why "Love One Another" is the Right Theme for the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 2, 2019

I am very excited and equally as convicted that Love One Another is the right theme for the 2019 National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 2, 2019. I would like to share four living illustrations why it is a fantastic and needed theme. Illustration #1: “Love One Another” are the words of Jesus in John 13:34, “Love one another. Just as I have loved you.” I was reminded while reading through Psalm 119 from the New Living Translation of these words found in verse 37: “Turn my eyes from worthless things, and give me life through your word.” Nothing... Read more >>

The Value of Pastors and Churches Leading the Way on the 2019 National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 2

The churches in America are God’s footprints in our nation. God’s churches are blessed and anointed by Him, and the greatest network our nation has for prayer and the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 350,000+ churches and 200 denominations have the opportunity to impact America on one day in 2019: The National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 2. As the president of the National Day of Prayer and senior pastor of a local church, I am convinced that we cannot complete our mission of mobilizing unified public prayer for America without the support of the pastors and churches... Read more >>

3 Prayer Priorities for December 2018

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3 Prayer Priorities for America in December 2018

Praying for America is convictional, not convenient. If one only wants to pray for America during an election season or the midst of a national crisis, then personal preference becomes the goal. This preferred path for prayer is driven by convenience more than conviction. America has never been perfect. If we were perfect, prayer would be unnecessary. That is why each month, I share 3 Prayer Priorities for America that we can pray in agreement. Share them with your pastor and church, on social media, and send them to anyone interested in praying for our nation. Now is the time that millions... Read more >>

Ronnie Floyd Delivers Message of Love and Racial Unity at Mother Emmanuel AME Church

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Nearly three and a half years after a white supremacist killed nine parishioners at Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, Dr. Ronnie Floyd took the pulpit to deliver a message of love and racial unity and reconciliation. “Racism is the most tragic sin in this nation’s history and present,” Dr. Floyd said. “Racism is an assault on the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s completely opposite to the message of love." “When you belong to Jesus, you belong to love, and you forfeit your right to choose whom you will love. Love is the... Read more >>

When the Pastor Prays Publicly

Do you ever wonder why it is important for pastors to pray publicly? The pastor should be one of the greatest prayer warriors in the church and in his city. I believe that prayer by the pastor should be one of the highest moments in public worship services. This moment of public intercession can be absolutely powerful. As the spiritual leader of the church, when you pray, you are standing the gap for the people of God. 8 Considerations When You Pray Publicly 1. Context  The pastor needs to set up the context for this prayer moment. He can do... Read more >>

3 Things That Happen When We Pray

How important is prayer to you? Why should it take a bad diagnosis, a major business loss, or a big problem to move prayer up in our daily action plan? How important is prayer to you? I believe now is the time to find a way to bring prayer back into our personal lives. 3 Things That Happen When We Pray 1. We are depending on God. When we do not pray, we are depending on ourselves. Pray like it really matters in your life. Pray daily. Pray continually. Bring prayer back into your life. 2. We are walking in... Read more >>

National Leadership Summit of the National Day of Prayer was a Huge Success ... Let Us Tell You About It

The National Leadership Summit of the National Day of Prayer held last week on October 29-30 was a huge success: Registration & attendance was outstanding in comparison to recent years Worship was powerful Teaching, preaching, and equipping was strong Vision was clear and compelling 2019 theme was released Response of the audience was over the top People left knowing where we are going and what we will be communicating. They left equipped, inspired, and motivated to the future. The 2018 National Leadership Summit was an overwhelming success. May God alone be praised. Let those who attended the Summit tell you... Read more >>

3 Prayer Priorities for America, November 2018

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3 Prayer Priorities for America in November 2018

Dear Friends Who Want to Pray for America, Will you join me and thousands of others throughout the month of November as we pray for America by focusing on these three prayer priorities? Each of us joining together daily or once a week over these priorities can be absolutely powerful.  Our nation needs prayer. Our midterm elections need prayer. Our leaders need prayer. We have major issues facing our nation that we need to pray about continually. We have a newly-released theme for our upcoming 2019 National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 2, 2019. The theme is LOVE ONE... Read more >>